Ah man. This holiday. Am I right?



Yes, Valentine’s Day, I see you walking towards me from down the hall. And I am also aware that this has been a long time coming face off between you and I. I just didn’t want to give that awkward hand raise mumbling of a hello, until I had deemed it absolutely necessary to do so, all right?



To answer the unasked question—

No, Valentine’s Day is not my favoritest holiday of the bunch. But I will put some of my votes in the category for favorite holiday to drink on for unhealthy reasons. Just kidding. Kind of. Sort of. Ask me later. When my parents aren’t reading this blog.

All joking aside (but totally not at all) Valentine’s Day is…happening. Yeah, that’s how I’ll put it. Cant' stop it. It’s here. We see it. We get it. We love it or hate it. we couldn’t care at all or we care too much. One of those days about the all encompassing power of love. YEAH. THAT STUFF. So why not put all this energy into something that can be shared to all? Yes, some of you are ahead of me. But I guess it’s all implied with this being a cocktail blog.

Many of us have already seen a lot of those sexy Valentine’s Day cocktails out there. Glorious ones that glow red and have some heart interpretation with elaborate garnishes or classy designs with bitters. They're all great, and it’s always fun to see how the cocktail world shines through on the holidays. When I thought about this day for myself, and the kind of cocktail I’d want for the occasion—I realized that that wasn't what I wanted to create. I wanted a cocktail that wasn't too loud or showy. Something that felt classic and could simply fill my right hand without needing to say anything. Not a vibrant look, but the taste of what it feels to be loved. A familiar happy reminder of the times of comfort, the sweetness of moments, the strength of compassion, and even, the agonizing pain of your real feelings.

So enough of my somewhat bitterness take on this day (that I should have suspected to come out in my writing and my drinking). And now on to what I have for you. I think that sometimes just a little bit, is just enough. So Bar De Bex is sending love to you with my latest cocktail, “Silhouette." A flavorsome rye cocktail with a lil’ blackcurrant and orange sumthin', sumthin' on the side. I hope it strikes a chord with you in some way, and you can find a melody that suites the day you have in store.

Let's concoct:

  • 2 oz Rye
  • 3/4 oz Creme de Cassis
  • 1/4 oz Cointreau
  • 2 Dashes of Peychaud's Bitters
  • Club Soda
*Shake all ingredients (except club soda) with ice. Strain into a martini glass. Top with a splash of club soda.