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With your sexy big booty porn lying next to me.,and I'm naked too. no way in hell I'm going to get off your ass. I've told you not to call me redneck thug. The name is Doc you gonna make me put this big cock in your mouth. Let go of my panties Take them shits off! No not yet! can you wait please I have something to show you, that I got out of the mail today. As he rolled off and laid right next to me with his right left leg across my left leg He shouted, in a manly tone. OK sexy hoe my cock is rock hard, Hurry the fuck up whatcha got to show and this better be good. I could have been deep in that onion booty of your right about now. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about you know how much you like to trick me and fool me ok. I don't know what you're talking about, just get on with it already. It's a letter and it's address from the Joker Which I know who that is. That name doesn't ring a bell. I think this is one of your stupid jokes Doc. Let me open it OK, and it reads dear jinx haha! I have customize the passenger seat in my car just for you i know your pussy and teen big ass measurement. customize just for you when your riding with me The Joker I have a mote control that I can push the button and up pops a big vibrating cock measure the size of mine or just a little bit bigger than mines for your pleasure my sexy trick. When you get in I want you only to wear a short skirt with no panties I want to take you on a ride you never forget in your entire life just for you my sexy trick it's going to be a treat. Who is the Joker give me that letter let me see it Don't snatch it from my hands can you wait He'll know who is send you a letter like this let me look it over hahaha that is who do you think is the Joker It's you Doc , It your handwriting I can tell you're not fooling me. hahaha! Okay already and guess what? I want you to try it out tonight is tryout night okay. And don't forget what you gotta wear and also wear a blouse loose with no bra. Is this some kind of sick joke a trick of yours you always playing Yes it's a joke but then again it's going to be a real treat and I'm not fooling you your sexy round ass. This is the first of its kind ever been made, it's customized just for you and we're going to put it to the test and if you enjoy it they're going to go on and make more FUCKING SEAT TREAT. Whatever the hell ever! He rolled right back on top of me putting his tongue in my mouth kiss me passionately grabbed the letter out of my hand and thrown it to the floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck holding him tightly he begin caressing my big tits licking, nibbling sucking on my nipples I moan softly mmmm yes! ohh ohh I felt his enormous cock slowly moving trying to find his way in my tight pussy his precum was wetting my inner thighs. As his enormous cock moves in slow motion around my wet pussy of jada stevens he whispered open up girl No let me go as I moan softly ohh! He spread my legs apart slightly just enough so he can reach between my legs and put two fingers in my pussy hole the other two on my clitoris finger fucking me I moan ohh ohh so good I whispered faster faster harder I'm as my eyes slightly shut I'm kissing him sucking on hugging him holding him tight You love it girl huh? he moan ohh fuck Yes yes I love it as he continued to spread my legs wider grab his big hard cock put in my tight pussy I scream ohh ohh it hurts so good Ohh Girl your pussy is so tight all the time ohh yea His enormous cock penetrated deeper until it won't go any further we moan ohh yeah he started slow grinding thrusting slowly slowly I was working my hips loading Circle given it all to him. I whispered faster faster faster Put your legs up He sheridan love both of my legs bending it to my ears Begin thrusting harder harder hitting all the spots I scream in pleasure do it do it do it ohh good Let me know when you cuminn girl Cuminn Cuminn Cuminn I'm cuminn too ohh ohh fuck girl whoo! As we kissed Passionate Doc that was amazingly good You redneck thug I hate your big milf ass. You want me to give it to you again huh I know you love it said I'll whisper Softly yes I don't You don't I'm going to make you give me that ass in a minute No. I do love it I was just fooling around Now if your pussy can let my big cock go I'll get off of your sexy latina ass. Com on get off me already. I have to wash my pussy. OK as he rolled off me Girl lick my cock clean like you do come on How like this I lick my lip and being to wrap them around his cock he put his hands on my head but I grab his hand and throw it off and ran to the bathroom and shouted site I was just kidding your juicy ass.

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