Well, I just have.

Coming Soon. Inside the Bottle: People, Brands, and Stories

Ever since I began this blog, writing a book has been a goal of mine. After 5 years the time has come, as I get ready to publish Inside the Bottle: People, Brands, and Stories.

Some of my friends have asked, “Is this a tell all book?” You’ll have to read it to find out. Seriously, to some extent it is. Hey, it’s the booze business and I have some 30 years of crazy and wonderful stories, experiences, and lessons learned to share.

As a reader of this blog, you are probably aware that despite its growth, the spirits industry is small. It’s a business of people, relationships and stories… lots of stories. It’s about marketing and sales; about brand building; about brand image and product excellence. It’s also a window into a world most people know little to nothing about.

Some of you will love the chapter on Seagram (or maybe not); several will enjoy the marketing and sales battles described; many will like the brand building and destruction escapades; and most of you will laugh at the (sometimes) silliness that takes place in the booze business.

I hope you’ll check it out. Might even make for a good holiday gift.

I’ll let you know when it’s available for purchase.

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Some early reviews:

Arthur has one of the best marketing and brand building minds in the spirits industry; this book gives a true insider’s look into the fascinating world of the spirits business. Its candor and humor are refreshing as well as entertaining; such a book is long overdue.

– Mark Brown, CEO, Sazerac Company

A very nice balance of real business “insight”…and really fun stories that give you a feel for this unique trade…I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone thinking of going into the booze business, or even into or even into any consumer business in general—as well as to a wider audience of people who think, “How did that bottle come into being?”

– Elwyn Gladstone, Founder Biggar & Leith, former head of marketing at Proximo Spirits

Arthur Shapiro is the Tom Wolfe of the Booze Business, chronicling both its fashions and its absurdities in an engaging and entertaining manner.

– Richard W. Lewis, author, ABSOLUT BOOK, and former Worldwide
Managing Director, Absolut at TBWA Chiat Day

A charming, informative and highly readable glimpse behind the curtain of the booze business…An essential guide to the dirty little secrets of the booze business…The kind of book all alcohol companies should hand out to new employees on day one.

– Emily Pennington, Managing Editor, Wine & Spirits Daily